Photos : Michal Sikora

Anatomy of Power  (in creation)


In Anatomy of Power, Emile Pineault and John Simon Wiborn explore the concept of intimacy and its relation to touch. What is the power of the touch in a relationship?


Emile and Simon over-expose themselves to the audience, trying to unfold their social bodies: acknowledging their gender while not going in the stereotype of masculinity. They strive to talk about the masculinity in way that would make space for the other, claiming surrendering, sensuality, emotionality and softness as integral part of  their identities. They present a complex, multiple and unusual relation between two men. They constantly seek to de-formalize the norms of their bodies thus allowing a greater individual fluidity and in their relationship.


By a demanding and intense acrobatic physicality, Emile and Simon contortion themselves, carry each other, throw and crush themselves, connect, disconnect. Their bodies interlock, tangle, dislocate, unite, sometimes erasing the boundaries between the two individuals.



choreographers and performers : Emile Pineault & John Simon Wiborn

sound design : Marta Forsberg

creatives residencies : Dansens Hus (Stockholm, SE), Agora de la danse (Montreal, CA), Arts Printing House (Vilnius, LT), Kulturhuset (Järna, SE)

with the financial support of : Stockholm Stad Kulturstipendium